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The perfect drink? It’s quite a claim, but Koa is quite a beverage. Purified by nature and squeezed from 9 fresh fruits and vegetables. Koa is unlike anything else, redefining our ideas about healthy living. Koa delivers only the healthy part of fruits and vegetables – more than you may have thought possible from a natural beverage.

Minerals & Vitimans

The healthy part of fruits & veggies

Koa is a natural beverage squeezed from fruits & veggies. Koa retains the natural goodness but skips the bad stuff. That means Koa can boast naturally occurring vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, and anti-oxidants without any additives or calories. A guilt free detox? Some might call that magic, we just call it Koa.

Be good to yourself be good to the earth

Drinking Koa is not just the right choice for your lifestyle, it’s also the right choice for the environment. The fruits and vegetables that give us Koa are sustainably grown and cooperatively processed to minimize waste. Plus, our iconic bottle is 1OO% BIODEGRADABLE AND RECYCLABLE.

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Koa is the healthy part squeezed from fresh fruits & veggies. Koa contains 0 calories, 9 Vitamins, and 10 Minerals. The 375 mL bottle is both 100% biodegradable and recyclable – doing good for you and the earth. Everything you need from nature, without any of the bad stuff.


Have Koa shipped directly to your door. Each $59.99 case holds 15 bottles of Koa. Sign up for a monthly shipment plan for the best savings and hassle-free delivery service. Order each month as you go or set up a pre-paid monthly delivery service so Koa will always be at your home for your enjoyment!

$59.99 /per case
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